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The 7 day error has been fixed! Start reporting! You can only report clan if there are more than 2 hackers/abuser in that clan

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    Post  -Sulti- on Mon Jan 28, 2013 2:28 pm

    Name of Abuser: Ss_karsbo

    Date of Abuse: 1/28/13
    Map of Abuse: Vampire London
    Clan of Abuse: k_a_r_s_b_o
    Type of Abuse: Weapon hack, Aimbot


    Part 1 of the video will show what this player is currently using which is the winchester m73. Part 2 of the video shows that this player is using weapon hacks where this person is using the TRG - 21 Hunter. If this player is shown to have the winchester m73 equipped then how is this player using the TRG - 21 Hunter. This player is using the TRG - 21 Hunter because of weapon hack which allows a player to switch any weapon in game. This person also has aimbot which allows him to do 100% headshots. Part 2 of the video shows this player "exoing" a host but clearly you see that this player missed. What aimbot hack does is that it makes people do headshots when you actually dont.

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